Storys Building

Hi there,

Exterior of Storys
Outside Storys
Inside with all the boozy delights

I was tinged with rouge all over last night and it’s not because I was blushing.  The ‘glow’ came courtesy of Storys Building and their Bites and Bar Snacks event. Mixologist Wes Galloway and his team ensured that we were sufficiently supplied with copious amounts of sinful drinks and fancy eats.

Glossy newspaper spread of the drinks

We picked our ‘poison’ from The Parlor Menu: a glossy newspaper brimming with delightfully named concoctions. Page after page, there’s something for everyone to lap up: whiskies, tequilas, rum, absinthe, and Manhattans.  If you feel like venturing into the unknown, Wes is more than happy to accommodate: he made me a special drink when I requested the main ingredient be white chocolate liqueur.  What landed on our table was a creamy drink– it tasted like a spiked vanilla shake.  I did my happy dance when I tasted it.

Stormin’ in Like a Jerk : Jerk Spiced Rum, Fresh Lime, House Ginger Beer, Cinnamon, Thyme

The dainty bites were fun: my favourite dish was the buttery, melt in your mouth dry aged rib-eye. Bonus was the little show at the table.  The little squares of beef sat atop of a slab of Himalayan sea salt.  When the hot jus was poured on top, we received a cauldron of sizzling bubbles around the meat.

Cushy seats
Spiced Ash Hamachi with coconut snow and grilled lime
Battered and deep fried Zucchini flowers, curried chickpeas, jalapeno
Dry Aged Ribeye w. Piri Piri, yukon potato on a Himalayan salt rock bed
Orange Spiced Old Fashioned : Bulleit Bourbon, Orange Spiced Syrup, Angostura Bitters, Xocolatl Mole Bitters, Orange Oil
Sloe Gin Fizz : Sloe Gin, Gin, Spiced Orange Syrup, Lemon, Egg White, Soda
Duck Terrine: Foie Gras within Buttery Brioche topped with Pickled Pear
Mennonite Chicken: Chorizo, long pepper, and honey
Tarte Flambre: chantrelle, pecorino, creme fraiche
Christopher the Green Mule : Green Chartreuse, Fresh Lime, Simple Syrup, House Ginger Beer


Cavendish : Makers Mark Bourbon, Banana Liquor, Tinctures of Cloves and Cinnamon, Angostura Bitters, House Dried Banana
White chocolate liqueur milkshake: drink made by special request!


Sweets Plate – Aero Chocolate, Strawberry & Sumac (front,left); Apple Cider Ice Cream, Brioche & Brown Butter (right) ; Limoncello & Aperol Bon Bons (red) ; Chocolate Mousse with Yuzu Curd & Sea salt (middle)


If you’re looking for a place for late night drinks and dainty bites, make a stop at Storys Building is located at 11 Duncan street, Toronto.

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