Fashion and Food: An Intimate Chat with Isaac Mizrahi

Hi there!


Food and Fashion came together for one special afternoon to celebrate the launch of Isaac Mizrahi’s new Lifestyle Collection on The Shopping Channel.


On Sept 6th, in the thick of all the Toronto International Film Festival events #TIFF13, we were given an opportunity to step away from the chaos outside and into a space with cool energy and stylish women awaiting Isaac’s presence.

Figs stuffed with prosciutto and goat cheese nuggets.

While we waited on the Fashion icon’s grand entrance, our hunger pangs were alleviated with many delicious treats offered by the food experts at Chatelaine Magazine

Susan Yull, Show Host from The Shopping Channel



Isaac spoke about his fashion philosophy, trends, as well as his observations about the industry today.

He was lighthearted, fun, and full of vibrancy during the brief chat and Q&A session.

Some of the fashionable attendees at the event
Host Taylor Kaye, from Chatelaine Radio on CHFI.

Perdy Swag! What’s in the Clamshell?


IMG_6116A snow white watch designed by Mr. Mizrahi himself 🙂 Merci to The Shopping Channel for the gorgeous piece!

To see all of Isaac Mizrahi’s designer goodies, visit The Shopping Channel

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