Feed Me: Fall-Winter Menu launch at The Whippoorwill

Hi there,

Have I got your attention yet?
Rich and sweet ice box cake.
Goodies inside included cocoa, graham crackers, toasted hazelnuts, and preserved blackberries. Here’s the kicker: the candy coated fennel seeds (the ones you typically find at Indian Restaurants after a meal)!

I had the pleasure of partaking in an intimate dinner hosted by Fat Girl Food Squad’s Ama Pod. At this particular event, we got to sample newly launched Fall/Winter fare from The Whippoorwill. It’s a cozy restaurant located right across from Landsdowne station in Toronto.

The space inside and our table.
The lovely Ms. Ama herself seated in front of the chalkboard.

I had been to this spot before for brunch but never for an evening meal so this was quite a treat. I had raved before about their ethereally light- flaky biscuits, as well as their sky high, fluffy pancakes– so suffice it to say– I was hankering for good dinner eats from them too!

Our meal started at 6pm but by 8pm, this place was packed.

Without further ado– here are the drinks (admittedly– I was a lightweight in this area– I couldn’t keep up with the pace) we sipped and the food we noshed on. Note: I’m choosing to present them in no particular order– however– they were thoughtful in the progression of our meal.  We started with salads and lighter fare then moved onto richer proteins. We finished with desserts. After each round of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, there would be a cocktail pairing to go along with the flavour profiles.

Korean Ribs. A mountain of delicious flavour. Nice char on the meat and it was quite tender and succulent. It came with king mushrooms, scallions, and topped with sesame seeds.
And the beet goes on… 😉
Okay, featured here is a winter spiced beet salad with walnut pesto, muscatel vinaigrette for some tang, and topped with chunks of pungent Thornloe Stilton. It was a nice marriage of tang (vinaigrette), sweetness (beets), and richness (from the cheese)
brown butter
Fancy drink #1 made for us
In the mix: brown butter, cava and aromatic bitters
Creamy and sweetly nutty.
Roasted Cauliflower- one of our apps. It reminded me of a Moroccan rice dish. Heady cumin, sprinkling of sultana raisins, sweet caramelized onions, almonds, and finished with parsley.
Another pretty plate.
Rosemary Cured Coho- Paper thin slivers topped with puffy popcorn-esque quinoa, salted cucumber, and creamy horseradish.
Dessert (one of the three we devoured)
Apple Crumble with spiced rolled oats and tamarind ripple ice cream (like the hint of sour the tamarind brought to the party).
Frothy head of a cocktail. It was our post-dessert cocktail
The Lemmy: Alberta premium dark horse rye, Murphy’s Irish stout reduction, maple, agave. Lemon, sailor Jerry’s spiced rum foam, scrappy’s celery bitters.
Game– on: Rich braised duck leg. It came with a sweet and sour cipolline, it sat on a bed of swiss chard and surrounded by pot roasted carrot spears.
Handmade gnocchi (one of my favourite dishes of the evening– needed to be a bigger size!)
It came with soft braised beef nuggets and dusted with brown butter powder– this gave it bursts of nutty sweetness. A textural pleasure too.
Chef's Menu
Thank you Chef Cunningham for all the comfort fare!
The Space inside. Cozy diner meets eclectic coffee house
They have a penchant for Mickey


Picture 2
See what I mean? 😉
The menu of eats– we got to sample a number of items off this list of goodies
The last main before dessert.
Great Lakes Pickerel: it sat on roasted squash wedges. The fish wore a coat of pine nut crumble. The dish came with cerignola olives and spiced squash sugo.
Fish had a nice sear and the flesh was meaty and creamy.
The third dessert:
Skip- hop- over to Butterscotch Pudding-ville. It came with sponge candy and salted caramel. Cute touch with the presentation.
Diablo Verde: Spiked love in a glass
Tromba blanco tequila, green chartreuse, lemon, housemade poblano syrup, maldon, Scrappy’s grapefruit bitters.

A kind thanks to Ama for the invitation and Chef Tyler Cunningham for the meal.

For more info about The Whippoorwill Restaurant and Tavern (to make reservations, times, etc) visit http://www.thewhippoorwill.com/

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