Feed Me: Two Cakes

Hi there,


I was spoiled and received 2 cakes for my birthday– last month.  Yes, I’m playing catch-up with my posts.  Fortunately for you… you can still get these tasty treats now!

First up, Chestnut Mousse cake aka Mont Blanc, from J-Town’s Bakery Nakamura. http://bakerynakamura.com/menu


  20150220_212652 20150220_21264520150220_212632

A yellow sponge cake encased with wall of rich, chestnut strands.  In between the layers– airy whipped cream and real chestnut marbles.

The taste? Very light on the palate.  The chestnut paste was dense, creamy (akin to Pâté)– and slightly sweetened.

The cake itself was a letdown. There was no flavour to the genoise and it was slightly dry.  It was a shame because the other components were solid.  If they had put these elements on a butter cake or biscuit base, the textures would have played off well with one another.

 Next on the bill of fare: The Chocolate Pearl, one of the signature cakes by Phipps https://www.facebook.com/phippsdessertskk

Described as “4 layers of alternating vanilla and dark chocolate cake, filled and frosted with Belgian chocolate fudge frosting and decorated with silver dragees.”

Eaten right out of the fridge- the flavours were muted.  However, if left to sit out at room temperature for a few hours the flavours blossomed. *Dessert hack- defrost (yes! use this setting) for a few seconds in the microwave and result is a slightly oozy frosting and soft cake layers- melt in your mouth delightful!

I quite enjoyed this cake. While it isn’t a wild dessert with ‘exotic’ flavours– for its simplicity– it is done well. It is a traditional birthday cake.  Afterall, a small slip-up could be detrimental because there’s nothing to hide behind & save it. 

The layers had a tender crumb. While there was a light floral aroma from the vanilla layer — the cocoa flavour could have been amped up a bit (not really prominent at all).  The frosting wasn’t overly sweet or grainy so that was a welcome bonus.  The thick, fudge- like frosting– that triggers your inner happy child- made this a lot of fun to eat.



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