Feed Me: Bikkuri Japanese Restaurant



This is a bit of a quickie post.  However, what I can offer in terms of useful info is that this place is walking distance from the Air Canada Centre… which means you can eat well without having to pay $20-30 dollars for one measly, sad sandwich.

My bf got tickets to see the Raptors 7:30pm game about 2 weeks back.

We opted to try Bikkuri Japanese restaurant on King East.

Typically, we have a bit of a game-plan ourselves (see what I did there? haha. okay I’ll stop.) when we go for sushi/sashimi.

In our experience, bento boxes don’t really satisfy.  Instead, we choose 4-5 rolls to share, 1 roll that’s spicy (for me), an appetizer and a sashimi starter/appetizer of sorts.

Considering this restaurant was located in the dt core and in the financial district, it was refreshing to see that the prices were very reasonable.  

The decor is comfortable enough, and strangely surrounded with a wall of wines (unusual for an Asian establishment).  However, I was reminded that finance/suits come here for meetings,etc — explaining the variety of alcohol stocked up.

The starters were unremarkable– good– but nothing to write home about.  The standard seaweed salad.  The usual sashimi starter (salmon, white tuna, red tuna, clam).  It was fresh enough– but imo, I suggest amping up the flavour with a sprinkling of the lemon slices they typically supply you with.  It really brightens up the taste of the fish.

Onto the rolls.  Which were in a boat (!).. yes, apparently I’m still 5 years old because at that moment, I really needed to know if it would float in water… but I digress.


The food:

Spider roll: fresh fried soft shell crab with the usual accompaniments.  Not too much rice used and stuffed to the brim with avocado, cucumber, roe, and (imitation) crab.

Dragon Roll: fun to eat, as always.  Eel is lush and rich and the tempura battered shrimp is precisely the thing needed to balance the flavours out.

Calvin Maki (BBQ eel, tobiko, avocado, mayo, wrapped with salmon): one of the specialties of the house.  The coral salmon slices made it a standout from the crowd. 

Spicy Salmon: incredibly fresh.  Rather than chopping the pieces up and mixing it with the spicy mayo — and then given loads of filler (tempura bits), the salmon was rolled into a fat cylinder and given a dab of sauce.  The texture was wondrous. A nice hearty bite.  The only letdown was the spicy mayo.  Incredibly mild– virtually non-existent.

Sweet Potato rolls: a new addition to our selection as of late.. tempura battered sweet potato pieces are crispy and crunchy on the exterior and soft, creamy on the inside.  I’m not a vegetarian, but I’d convert for a day (ha) if I was allowed to eat this! While simple enough, the seaweed wraps tasted of the ocean– so fresh that they retained a slight crisp texture.  I also like that– again– they weren’t overzealous with the rice as a filler.


If you’re in the area and need a quick bite to eat– this place fits the bill perfectly.  Fast, friendly service and fresh rolls at a reasonable price. 

Happy NOMNOMNOM-ing,



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